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July 2009



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Jul. 17th, 2009

Lit Library

I've seen this new Comm advertised and have applied for membership. Does anyone else want to play?

Jan. 1st, 2006

Friends Only

I'm sad to have to do it but this journal is now Friends Only. If you think you'd like to read it, having read this message, please leave a comment telling me who you are and why you'd like to read my blatherings and I'll get back to you.

The purpose of this journal

* A way to keep friends in touch

* A record of reading and BookCrossing activities

But, most importantly:

* It's a tool I use to help manage Bipolar Disorder. I write out my thoughts and feelings, moans and whinges, problems and plans and use that writing to monitor and manage the disorder. So, if you choose to read, you're choosing to see the highs and lows, the unreasonable and unfair, the strange and down-right disturbing. It's all here.

Dec. 22nd, 2005

Catch - And it's a double jumper!

Dec. 21st, 2005

More Jazz Progress

Jazz is now learning how to play. It's taken some coaxing but he'll wrestle with a toy mouse and is now playing on his own without my intervention so presumably he likes it. He's not sussed out chasing things I throw yet but it'll come in time.

Dec. 17th, 2005


Jazz is looking so cute. He's asleep on my bed, with his head on the pillow and I've just pulled the covers up under his chin.

Nov. 21st, 2005

A Productive Morning Was Had by All

Well, by me, anyway. Sammy has been running around like a crazy thing and I even caught him chasing his tail. But maybe he thinks he's been productive and, so long as he's happy then I'm happy.

I've put up the posters for the knitting group and don't know why it was bothering me so much. I've done a slew of cleaning and decluttered a whole lot of Avon stuff. Which, of course, made me want to be doing it again ... but let's not go there.

The afternoon is now mine to do with what I will. It's tempting to continue cleaning and decluttering but one can have too much of a good thing and it's only Monday. I think reading and knitting would both be appropriate. I have a yen for some non-fiction after fairly solid reading of Cat's Eye yesterday. Mind you, I also have a yen for chocolate so possibly not all yens are good yens.

Yes, I'm going to put the heating on, make SlimmingWorld Rice Pudding and select some non-fict to amuse myself with.

Day 1 - Completed

Two days, 8 hours, 42 minutes and 25 seconds. 94 cigarettes not smoked, saving £17.94. Life saved: 7 hours, 50 minutes.

See more progress on: stop smoking

Nov. 20th, 2005

Ice Water

Apparently drinking ice cold water can actually help you lose weight. Unfortunately I can only drink water at room temperature. And it won't help you lose very much weight.

Ugh - just thinking about ice cold water is giving me ice-cream head.


Does anyone else use

I've spent some time there this afternoon and am (finally) starting to like it.


That's hin*g*ey with a hard G not hingey as in door.

I have a migraine - no news there then, I hear you say. So I've spent the day at home save for a trip to the pharmacy for more pain killers. It's getting better now though - I even managed to go for 4.5 hrs between doses instead of taking them early/bang on time.

I've read. (Cat's Eye is good but disturbing.) I've slept. I've listened to music. I've cuddled Sam. And now my hands are all sticky so I shudder to think what he's been rolling in. He smells rather ... odd. I've washed my hands, by the way, so the ick factor is reduced.

I'm feeling really nervous about running the new knitting group and am, therefore, sabotaging it. I should have put out leaflets and posters to tell people about it but have failed to do so. I should have done this on Friday. And didn't. I should have done it yesterday. And didn't. I should have posted them through the relevant letter-boxes so I could avoid speaking to people today. And haven't. It's not too late - but, let's be honest, I'm not going to do it. I have no idea why I'm so worried about it but I think, at some level or other, I'd rather the first meeting was small one. No posters = few people. So there is logic to my indeterminate madness.

What I really want at the moment is to lose myself in DVD land. Unfortunately I have no DVDs to watch and can't find my card for Global. But I've upgraded my Amazon DVD rental subscription thingy to the middle level. That won't take effect till December though. Which is probably a good thing - I might disappear up the cathode ray tubes.

It's really stupid - I complain about being lonely but then refuse to socialise. Just as well I don't claim sanity, isn't it?

J came home for part of the weekend and brought Dolly with her - the cat has undergone a transformation and is looking really confident and actually growing which is great. J was unusually pleasant and invited me (with mother) to see the new HP film with her. I declined as I want to see them in order (or read the books - also in order) and haven't seen/read even the first one. But it's nice to be asked. She's doing some rather complicated knitting which looks suspiciously like cable but isn't.

My sticky, smelly cat has returned to my lap so I shall close.

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